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Teaching Methods

Pacific Rim Driving School provides a learner-centered approach to driver education. This interactive approach to learning enables the instructor to adjust the driver educational program to the learning style, needs and experience level of the individual student. Our techniques, which are adaptable to the visual, hands-on or verbal learner, enhance the student’s confidence levels and increase the driver’s chances of being able to effectively deal with various potential road situations.

Traditionally, students have been told what to do; an approach that can often lead to students not taking responsibility for their own learning. On the other hand, at Pacific Rim Driving School, we believe that driver education is a two-way venture. The role of our instructors is to focus on student learning and to facilitate the learning process by providing insight as to “why” they need to do things. This creates a learning environment which motivates students to accept responsibility for their learning. Constructive feedback, both verbal and written, which is essential for the development of positive life-long driving habits, is provided during each session.

Our training vehicle is a Toyota product, is dual peddled, and provides our clients with the latest in safety (air bag) technology. Whether you are a new driver or just want to brush up on your skills, start with Pacific Rim Driving School on your road to safe driving.

Pacific Rim Driving School offers driver assessment programs as well.

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